You Have Cancer

Moving from Fear to Hope

First Steps for the Overwhelmed

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"Being a patient as well as a health care advocate, Laurel Zien is able to provide invaluable insights into navigating a cancer diagnosis for the newly diagnosed. She does this with remarkable clarity and wit. This is a quick, easy read and is recommended for anyone facing the challenges of cancer." --Linda Bogner, M.S., B.S., ARRT(R)(N), CNMT, Adjunct Faculty – Nuclear Medicine Technology Program, Kaiser Permanente School of Allied Health Sciences, Richmond, CA

"With my 35 years of being in the cancer field, I believe this should be the gold-standard of issue for every newly diagnosed patient and their caregivers. Laurel's concise, informative guidebook is easy to follow, read and understand." --Julie Kaldveer, MA., Cancer Support Community of the S.F. Bay Area

"This is a well-written, supportive, compelling and resource-rich book about the processes of managing every aspect of facing one's cancer. Ms. Zien is an experienced writer with the courage to share her personal journey and the ability to convey to the reader their uniqueness as they enter their world of cancer. She skillfully acknowledges a wide array of emotional reactions, examines each step of the process with possible options, presents an extensive annotated resource list, and adeptly describes how one truly can transition, continuously, from fear to hope." --Marti Buffum, PhD, RN, PMHCNS-BC , Clinical Professor, UCSF School of Nursing, Department of Community Health Nursing, San Francisco

"For anyone who has someone in their life or is themselves on the tumultuous path of a new cancer diagnosis, Laurel Zien's book may feel like a hand reaching out to steady you. Her very personal and wise words give some tangible and very useful actions for staying upright and marching forward."--Judy Kivowitz RN Nurse Judy's approach

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There may be nothing more terrifying than hearing those three words: You Have Cancer. This book is a guide for the newly diagnosed, their caregivers, families and supporters.

Cancer is its own universe. When you enter it, the language you speak and the nature of time change from everything that once was familiar. This book provides the roadmap to begin.

Each chapter contains simple, practical advice to help move you from fear to hope. Information includes:

  • How to do cancer research
  • Questions to ask
  • How to participate in support groups
  • There are ideas about dealing with fear and panic
  • Recommendations for building your medical and personal community support teams
  • It includes keys to being a good patient advocate 
  • Dozens of tips on moving forward to personal healing
  • The resources section includes a glossary of cancer terms, suggested books and CDs and internet resources.

Feel free to move about the book as different needs or concerns arise. Feel free to look at the links provided at the end of the book at any time. Feel supported as you build your cancer-fighting community around you.

Written by Laurel Zien, an eldercare educator and patient advocate with over 15 years of experience, Laurel is a six year (so far) survivor since her diagnosis with a rare neuroendocrine cancer.

The book follows the path Laurel took as she moved beyond her initial shock into cancer world. It is based on her experience, research and the shared experience of the Northern California Carcinet Community and their medical experts. The advice is also reinforced with the experiences and advice of dozens of other cancer survivors she has encountered.